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Merit Badge Property Management LLC
An Elite Vacation Rental Management Company

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Merit Badge Property Management LLC was founded because of my love for creativity, investment, and travel. Growing up in western Europe with a family that always welcomed travelers taught me the importance of hospitality. Together with my passion for exploring new places, it inspired countless adventures with my loved ones.


My wife and co-owner Christine also grew up overseas and has always had a passion for hospitality. Our shared interests in travel, hiking, camping, and quality time with family and friends influence how we manage properties. Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences for guests, drawing inspiration from our own cherished travel memories. These values are at the core of Merit Badge Property Management, motivating us to provide outstanding service and exceptional stays at every property.


It all started when I successfully turned my own property into an Airbnb rental, sparking my enthusiasm for real estate. As I shared my journey on social media, the demand for our expertise grew rapidly. Recognizing the need for top-level service, investors approached us for assistance with their vacation properties. With my experience in building and managing teams, I smoothly transitioned into this exciting venture.


Now, with well-established systems and exceptional teams in place, we are ready to make our mark in the industry. Our mission is to deliver unmatched experiences for guests while maximizing occupancy and revenue for investors.

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